The Fatherhood Chronicles III

While Anna and I were out shopping, we went to Target and I discovered one of the important facts of first-time fatherhood: NEW TOYS! I kid you not. This is going to be great. And all we did was look at the strollers.

I should say, all we did was look at these magnificent specimens of modern engineering ingenuity! Yessir! These things are amazing. First off, it’s not just a stroller. Nosirree, Bob. It’s a combination stroller, car seat, cupholder, rocket launcher, convertible submarine, with preset bottle dispenser, and baby carrying case–all wrapped up in one. Some of these things even have tires that–get this–you can air up! How cool is that?!

The best thing, of course, really, is the price. That’s what sells these babies (no pun intended.) I mean you get all this for $13,999. (It sounds better if you say it this way: “thirteen-nine-ninety-nine.”) And with no money down, no payments and no interest till 2004, this is a deal that really can’t be beat.

Of course, it’s way too soon to buy any of this stuff. But, oh, baby, the day’s a-comin’! And great timing, too! ‘Cuz I was sure getting bored with all the toys I currently have.