The Fatherhood Chronicles V

Well, about a month or so ago, Anna and I went on our first major baby-stuff buying outing. She got the crib set she wanted, clothes, and so forth. Heck, we even bought a diaper pail on the way home from Divine Liturgy on Mother’s Day! Today was yet another installment of “There-goes-Clifton’s-book-budget-money II (or III?): Carter’s Outlet Revisited.”

But lest you think I’m too terribly resistant to all this baby-product buying, I must make a public confession. As soon as I saw the Eric Carle “Hungry Caterpillar” diaper bag, I said to my wife (excitedly no less!): “There it is, hon!” and hustled over to the display rack. *Sigh* I’m a sucker fer kids’ stuff now. My youthful days of carefree living are now behind me. Fatherhood descends.

I tell you what, it’s a doggone good thing I got the complete works of Plato and Aristotle’s four major works (Physics, Metaphysics, De Anima, and Nichomachean Ethics; as well as a few others) in Greek. Not to mention my trusty LSJ lexicon (the Big Daddy), and several of the ancient commentators on Aristotle. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be spending much on books here in less than two months. Dang! And I’d had my eye on the W D Ross Metaphysics two-volume text and commentary!