The Fatherhood Chronicles VII

Okay, two days to go till 3D-day (that’s Delivery Due Date) and all my night fears are coming out into conscious daylight. What if the baby has something wrong with him/her that we haven’t been able to detect yet? What if Anna has problems in the delivery? What if . . . ? And I won’t even go into the darkest of these day-mares.

So I probably shouldn’t be reading this glorious Gospel narrative of a husband’s love for his wife and their hope in Christ in the face of her last days and her struggle against cancer.

Tripp counsels me to meditate on Luke 1-2. Hmmm. I’ve been here before.

I’m reluctant to share my fears with Anna. Goodness knows she has enough of her own. So prayer and meditation are in order.

Still, I skipped lunch today. My stomach just can’t take it. It’s in knots.