The Fatherhood Chronicles XIV

Sofie’s first two nights home were fairly difficult for us new parents. All of us were getting used to one another. We needed to learn the difference between Sofie’s “My diaper is wet and/or messy, and I HATE THAT!” cry, her “I have air in my tummy, and I HATE THAT!” cry, and her “FOOD! NOW!!” cry. All were heart-rending, but the last has a distinct urgency. The two or three nights following were a bit better. But last night was the absolute worst. Everything we had learned still worked, but Sofie slept for shorter periods. It seemed as though just as she’d been burped, changed, and laid down, she was restless and fussy again. Momma is exhausted. Daddy feels pretty useless.

It’s probably a good thing, then, that my dad and stepmom are coming up today. Grandma Frances (my stepmom) is a stereotypical grandmother and just loves babies. And having been one of twelve siblings, raised five kids of her own, and regularly babysits her grandbabies, she’s got some wisdom we’d like to take in.

Today is the last day of my vacation (not counting the weekend). On Monday my autumn begins with a bang: I’m taking three grad classes, teaching two undergraduate classes, and working half-time. I’m not ready. And I hate the thought of not being home all day with my wife and little girl. How do people do this?