The Fatherhood Chronicles XV

Sofie (and her parents) had a particularly difficult night last night. Take away four fingers off one hand, and the remainder on that hand will give you an idea how much sleep we got. Three a.m. and I had tried every possible thing I could to encourage Sofie to go to sleep. Finally, five came and Sofie, worn out, nursed and went to sleep.

I’m now at work. I leave here to go and teach. Then I head home to give Anna a break till I head to my evening class. Home by nine to give Anna some more break time, if I can.

Does it get better? If so, when?

And the thing of it is, Sofie had a great (relative to her first ten days) weekend. More alert during the day; more sleeping during the night. Then last night . . . wow.

I love this girl–and her momma–but boy she is wearing me out.