The Gospel of Inclusion II

Today’s Gospel of Inclusion comes from the diocese of San Francisco.

Praise to you, non-personal ground of all being.

Just last month, Swing accused Schofield and other church conservatives of making plans to separate from the U.S. Episcopal Church. “They will be a gated community of exclusivists,” Swing said in a letter to his Bay Area priests. . . .

“The one thing they have in common is self-loathing for the Episcopal Church. … They want a divorce from the Episcopal Church, and their method of separation will be domestic violence.” . . .

Swing argues that a majority of the Episcopal bishops of the United States — by a 62-43 vote — supported the consecration of an openly gay bishop.

“A person like Bishop Schofield has lived long enough to see what happens to people who create their own little cul-de-sac of Anglicanism,” Swing said. “There are all kinds of offshoots that claim to be the true Anglicans, but they are like little meteors that shine in the night and then disappear.” . . .

Swing warns that lengthy court battles may be in the offing — Episcopal vs. Episcopal — for control of church property in California.

“Years of court cases,” he says, “will replace (debate over) sex as our primary preoccupation.”

This is the Gospel of Litigation–er, Inclusion.

Glory to thee, androgynous archetype.

One thought on “The Gospel of Inclusion II

  1. I heard Mr. Swing speak about a year ago on this very issue at Grace Cathedral in SF. He used the same phrase “cul-de-sac,” actually mentioning Blessed Sacrament (my former church) specifically. So, I asked the very, very conservative Anglican priest at Blessed Sacrament what he thought; this is one of the most conservative preists I know, but he will not split from the ECUSA. His attitude was to compare the Anglican communion to the LA riots in the early 90’s. He said that LA was burning, but no one actually ever thought that it would be completely destroyed; it would burn, but then it would be put out and life would resume as normal. No one permanantly abandon LA during the fires; no one should do so now either.
    Anyway…two cents…

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