The Gospel of Inclusion VI

Today’s Gospel of Inclusion comes from the diocese of Los Angeles.

Praise to thee, semi-inclusive one.

In a ringing defense of an openly gay bishop and same-sex unions, Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno declared here Saturday that the Episcopal Church is “a roomy house” for all, and warned that those who leave would be leaving “the presence of God.” . . .

“If we withdraw our participation in the community, then we withdraw from the presence of God,” Bruno told a thousand clergy and lay delegates. “It is the community that joins us together in common worship.”

This is the Gospel of Inclusion.

Glory to thee, purveyor of political power.

[More examples of the Episcopal Gospel of Inclusion can be found here.]

2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Inclusion VI

  1. Last year, I went to one of the two conservative Anglican Churches in the LA Diocese. Coincidentally (I say that sarcastically), it was also one of the only growing churches, with more than one-third of the congregation under the age of 22 (many chums from my college go there). Anyway, Bp. Bruno came and asked the priest to send a delegation to speak at the convention about why it was growing. Anyway, 6 grads from my school went and shared. When the very liberal audience saw a group of college-looking students approach to explain church growth, there was much applause. After they had finished, explaining that a conservative, Bible-believing, “high” church was the answer to church growth, they sat down to the applause of one person: their own priest. It was really funny; the convention didn’t get it…anyway, I have heard some very funny stories from that convention…

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