The Gospel of Inclusion VII

Today’s Gospel of Inclusion comes from Bishop Clark Grew of the Diocese of Ohio.

Praise to you, guarantor of our judgment.

I think the tension I feel is, and I don’t want to devalue the authenticity of scripture claim that people make that this is a matter of scriptural authority, but I think, deep within that posture is a deep-seeded homophobia and an inability for people to see gay and lesbian people as children of God. But I think it’s an issue that comes down to how we feel about our own sexuality and how we feel about our relationship with other people and there’s a level of acceptance and comfort that people just can’t get to yet.

You who are considering leaving the Episcopal Church, you need to know what the repercussions are. You may be putting yourself in jeopardy, and for people who say, I don’t want to be a part of the Episcopal Church anymore, if you’re a clergy person, you know you have to renounce your orders and you’re deposed as a member of the clergy. It’s not punitive, you just can’t have it both ways. You’re either in the church or out of the church. If you leave the church then you’ve left the church and then there are canonical consequences to that.

People who want to leave the diocese can leave the diocese but they don’t leave with their building and they don’t leave with their assets so…the endowments and the church building itself stays within the diocese.

This is the Gospel of Inclusion.

Glory to thee, who makes us not like that Pharisee over there.

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  1. This is how he really spoeaks in public! He’s one of the best speakers of ECUSA theobabble I’ve ever met. I left the Diocese of Ohio soon after he was consecrated. I grew tired of hearing him talk about “living into the gospel imperative.”

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