The Fatherhood Chronicles XXX

My daughter has been fighting a cold now for just more than a week. Whereas we thought she was getting better, today, she clearly felt worse. She didn’t just fuss, which she does when she’s tired or hungry, she cried. She also was very upset whenever she was separated from Anna. Just now I held her for a bit, but though I was mere inches from Anna, she began to express some disquiet and reached for her mom.

She may be getting some more teeth in. When Anna applied the teething gel and gave her some Tylenol, she instantly acted better, as though that had done the trick. But she isn’t sleeping very well, nonetheless, and still has that (to her father) disquieting rattle in her chest.

The poor dear. She’s not running a fever. She just plain doesn’t feel good, and very little that momma and daddy can do is making her feel like her old self again.

I never knew how true it was that a sick and suffering child, especially one’s own, is a reality that can undo the manliest of men. But I’m getting a better idea than I want.

Holy Theotokos, intercede with Christ our God for our daughter, Sofie.