Women’s Ordination: Critical Arguments

I post here for your perusal several links to articles critically examining the arguments surrounding women’s ordination. (Props to David Mills & Co. at Touchstone)

Rev. Dr Rodney A. Whitacre, The Biblical Vision Regarding Women’s Ordination

Stephen B. Clark, Man and Woman in Christ

E. L. Mascall, Women priests

And the Episcopal priest at Pontifications has written, Catholicity or female priests? Must the choice be made?

(I also commend to you, because God language is so often brought into these discussions, another of the Pontificator’s writings: I love my Mom, but I don’t want her to be my God)

Ronald Reagan: Second Inaugural Address

Excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address:

My fellow citizens, our nation is poised for greatness. We must do what we know is right, and do it with all our might. Let history say of us: “These were golden years–when the American Revolution was reborn, when freedom gained new life, and America reached for her best.” . . .

At the heart of our efforts is one idea vindicated by 25 straight months of economic growth: Freedom and incentives unleash the drive and entrepreneurial genius that are the core of human progress. We have begun to increase the rewards for work, savings, and investment; reduce the increase in the cost and size of government and its interference in people’s lives. We must simplify our tax system, make it more fair and bring the rates down for all who work and earn. We must think anew and move with a new boldness, so every American who seeks work can find work, so the least among us shall have an equal chance to achieve the greatest things–to be heroes who heal our sick, feed the hungry, protect peace among nations, and leave this world a better place.

The time has come for a new American emancipation–a great national drive to tear down economic barriers and liberate the spirit of enterprise in the most distressed areas of our country. My friends, together we can do this, and do it we must, so help me God.

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