Why Abortion Advocates Necessarily Ignore the Humanity of the Unborn Baby

If you listen to, or read, the arguments for abortion (and an exemplary one from Judith Jarvis Thompson can be found here), you quickly find that the unborn baby (fetus, conceptus, fertilized human egg, or what have you) must be ignored if the argument is to have any hope of success.

In the aforelinked essay, Ms. Thompson does just that: ignores the baby. What? you say, having read the article, How can you say she ignores the baby? She spends nearly the entire essay on whether or not a fetus can reasonably and rightly be said to have a right to life. Is this not taking the baby into account?

Actually, no. It isn’t.
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The More You know . . .

. . . the less you can rationally defend the monstrous practice of abortion. This story (props to the Touchstone blog) on the BBC web page, highlights the 4D ultrasound technology that’s now available and what insights it has given us of the life of the baby in the womb.

This video (requires Real Player) includes a clip that startled the peewadden out of me when it showed the footage of the baby suddenly smiling. And this series of pictures clearly shows how energetic and vibrant is the life of the unborn. The things we thought unborn babies didn’t do have proven to be things that they, indeed, very much do, and the very things which display their humanity. “Fetuses” are more alive and aware, indeed, are much more human, than scientists have previously thought, but which pro-life/anti-abortion advocates have long argued.

How ironic that science, which pro-choice/pro-abortion advocates tout in their “arguments,” so severely undermines their case that it is shown for the cruel hoax that it is.