The Fatherhood Chronicles XLIII

Kissing is such a wonderful thing. (Thank you, Captian Obvious.) I thoroughly enjoy kissing my wife. I love kissing my daughter. And in the last four years since I discovered Orthodoxy, I have found kissing icons, crosses and the Gospel (among other holy things) to be a worthy and natural way to worship God.

I was always a bit circumspect to venerate the icons at home whenever Anna was able to observe me saying my prayers. God certainly knew that I worshipped him through the honor I gave his saints. Anna may well have been pretty weirded out by it. But then she started going to worship with me. I couldn’t not venerate the icons at Liturgy. So I did. And I guess she just got used to it. (She did ask me about it once. I assume my answer satisfied her.)

Well, in the last few weeks, Sofie has learned to kiss (including blowing kisses, which I always find joyous!). I just took it as natural that we should teach Sofie to kiss the icons. So, while we were waiting in line during Communion to receive Father’s blessing, Sofie and I were near the icons. I bent down and kissed the icon of Christ. I looked at Sofie and said, “Kiss?” I then held her so that she could kiss the icon. She was a bit hesitant, not knowing for sure what she was to do. I kissed the icon again, and said, again, “Kiss?” She placed her hands on either side of Christ’s face, and lowered herself to kiss the icon with a resounding smack.

Now, I didn’t really discuss this with Anna. It’s just something we do at Church. So it was neat this past Sunday to see Anna taking Sofie up to the icons, to bend down and kiss them herself, and say to Sofie, “Kiss?” Upon which, Sofie being now practiced, our little girl did.

Yep. This is how we learn the Faith.

God make us worthy parents. May Sofie soon come to the laver of regeneration.

3 thoughts on “The Fatherhood Chronicles XLIII

  1. How are Sophie’s injuries from the glass table incident healing?

    This is a beautiful story you have told. I often find myself wanting to cross myself in church (I’m a Methodist, and we just don’t do that.) I should just give into the desire. One thing I think almost every other kind of Christian does better than (white) mainline Protestants is using their body in worship. (The church I go to now is the only Methodist church I’ve attended where we stand for the gospel reading, by the way.) Whether you hold your hands up in song or prayer, kiss icons, or cross yourself, it is good to remember the gift of our bodies and their use in glorifying God.

  2. That is a great story. I, like Jennifer, find my self feeling the same urge. I, too, should just go for it. I find myself making a cross on my hand.

    Being a cradle baptist, any kind of reaction is hard. It is such a difference between Black Churches and White mainline churches.

    Occasionally you will hear gunts of approval or a very faint amen from borther Tripp or Pastor Doug or me, but that is about all we allow our selves.

    I think mainline (read WASP) we need to open up to the corporeal and vocal movings of the spirit.

    I also am a WASP who is begining to understand the role of Icons and Saints.

  3. I have an icon wall! I have not gone up to venerate an icon at an Orthodox church. For some reason it seems impolite…a lie if you will.

    But I would love more iconograpghy in worship, more movement sign and symbol…

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