The Fatherhood Chronicles LIV

Sofie Imitates

As has been evident in my recent Fatherhood Chronicles, Sofie is learning about her world through imitation.

When in Baton Rouge, last week, she saw the blessing cross on the hotel nightstand, and the diptych of Mary and Jesus. I was brushing my teeth or combing my hair or otherwise getting dressed, and when I turned around, there was Sofie, cross in hand, crossing herself and then handing me the cross. Just like we do almost every morning. I grab the blessing cross, sign her with it, and she kisses the icon of Jesus on it. The difference is, at home, the cross is on the (faux) fireplace mantle out of her line of sight. The hotel nightstand was chest-high on her.

But probably the most funny instance of imitation happened a couple of weeks ago. Anna is suffering through morning (aka, all day) sickness, and so was lying on the futon, munching on soda crackers and sipping Gatorade. So what did Sofie do? She climbed up on the futon, lay down next to Momma and Sofie put her (Sofie’s) hand on her own tummy, just like Momma was doing. When Momma ate a cracker, so did Sofie. When Momma sipped Gatorade, so did Sofie. When Momma high-tailed it to the bathroom to throwup, Sofie followed along. And when they both retreated to the futon again–this time with wastebasket nearby–Sofie hovered over the waste basket making coughing noises just like Momma had done.

Talk about your “sympathetic pregnancy” symptoms! It’s not just dads who get them, it seems.

Sometimes, folks, this stuff just writes itself.