O Oriens

O Antiphons

O Oriens,
splendor lucis aeternae,
et sol justitiae:
veni, et illumina
sedentes in tenebris,
et umbra mortis.

O Dawn,
splendor of eternal light,
and sun of justice,
come, and shine
on those seated in darkness,
and in the shadow of death.
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Father Seraphim Rose Video

On Friday, I finally received from The Father Seraphim Rose Foundation a copy of the video commemorating the twentieth anniversary of his blessed repose. It was $24.95 ($20 for the video and $4.95 S&H). The picture quality is very good (though some of the editing of parts is a bit choppy). The sound quality is fair, sometimes poor, but not unlistenable.

The video runs just under two hours. On the video you see:

# Trip up the road to the St. Herman of Alaska Monastery
# Sermon by Fr. Thomas Hopko
# Segments from the Divine Liturgy with 12 priests at Fr. Seraphim’s grave
# Segments from an English-language Pannikhidas
# Presentation of Fr. Seraphim’s vestments to Hieromonk Ambrose (Young)
# Talk by Hieromonk Damascene
# Talk by Hieromonk Ambrose
# Talk by Protopriest Petr Perekrestov of Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral, San Francisco
# Reminiscences by Abbot Gerasim and Barbara Murray
# Tour of Fr. Seraphim’s Optina cell
# Segments from Slavonic-language Pannikhida at Fr. Seraphim’s grave
# Trip down the road

The sermon by Fr. Hopko and the talks by Hieromonk Damascene and Hieromonk Ambrose were printed in the edition of The Orthodox Word which similarly commemorated Father Seraphim’s repose.

I very much liked the video tour of Father Seraphim’s cell. Amazing to think of him sleeping, praying and working there in the stifling heat of summer and freezing temperatures of winter with nothing but a woodstove for warmth.

But I think the best part of all was the audio excerpts from sermons and talks that Father Seraphim gave which both open and close the video. It moved me to tears. Here was the voice of my patron, whom I ask each day to pray for me, whose books I’ve read. It was amazing.

For those of you interested in Father Seraphim, I recommend writing the Foundation and obtaining your own copy of the video.