The Fatherhood Chronicles LVII

Baby Number Two

What?! Two Fatherhood Chronicles in one day? What gives?

Well, Anna has been very sick in the last couple of weeks, and without going into details, after relating some of her experiences with her doctor, he rescheduled her first sonogram for today, to make sure everything was okay.

As it turns out everything is okay. We have a very healthy baby (sex to remain unknown till birth), who kicked and wriggled “his”* way all over the place. We could see the heart beating, the spine, and umbilical cord. And it even looked as though “he” tried to suck “his” thumb. (Do they do that this young? I can’t remember.)

We also found out we were two weeks off in calculating Anna’s last cycle. The baby is eleven weeks along, not eight or nine. So instead of 8 July, our new due date is 28 June. (Justin and Mae breathe a sigh of relief!)

Praise God!

I also found out this fatherhood thing doesn’t get any more bland or stale the second time around. Watching our baby on the monitor, I got all sniffly and gooey. I’m such a marshmallow.

But I’m ecstatic. I’d taken the rest of the day off, in case it was going to be bad news, but instead I get to celebrate by playing hard with my daughter and giving Anna a chance to take an undisturbed nap.

*Again, we don’t know the sex of the baby, and do not choose to know until the baby is born. But I really want a boy, and Anna has an intuition that the baby is a boy, even though all her “symptoms” are the same as when she was pregnant with Sofie. But she had an intuition Sofie was a girl, and she was definitely right about that. We’ll see. God knows. And whoever the baby turns out to be, she or he is already welcome and being prayed for.

The Fatherhood Chronicles LVI

More on Sofie’s Faith

Another post on Douglas’ blog, set me to thinking about Sofie and our raising her in the Faith, and what the differences would be between where I was in my faith a few years ago and now.

Previously, as a Restoration Movement Christian, my faith revolved around two things: right belief and right behavior. (It was the same for me during the relatively short time I was an Episcopalian, though that may have been a reflection more of my Restoration Movement background than the Episcopal Church.) I believed that it was God who saved me, not I, myself, through my own efforts. But I believed that salvation was synergistic: God worked and I cooperated with him. It was important, then, that I believe rightly and live rightly. God would take care of the rest.

What was missing out of all that, however, was the heart.
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Our Lady

I have been very fortunate with my wife’s pregnancies in that they’ve both thus far fallen during the Nativity Fast and Feast. It has afforded me much time for thought and reflection on the Incarnation.

This morning, while reading Douglas’ entry on the Theotokos, he pointed me to the Pontificator’s similar entry. I want to quote both these fine gentlemen and offer my own meager reflections.
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