How the Anglican Tradition Directed Me to the Orthodox Church

In an earlier post, I had described how the very foundational beliefs of my heritage churches had actually led me away from those churches to the Orthodox Church. Another important influence in my turning toward Orthodoxy is the Anglican Tradition and, in the U. S., the Episcopal Church. I have twice started to write this essay, but both times deleted the many words that I had written. It is difficult, given my history with the Episcopal Church, not to come off as rantingly offensive. Although I discovered the Orthodox Church prior to my leaving Anglicanism, that transition out of the American Anglican Church into Orthodoxy went more quickly and with less ambivalence than might otherwise have been the case. There are many positives that the Episcopal Church has given me, all of which find their fulfillment in Orthodoxy, but the primary impetus derived from my experience in the Episcopal Church is largely negative. With that proviso, I beg the indulgence of my Anglican readers. I will be as respectful as I can be within the bounds of honesty, but I ask to be given the benefit of the doubt where I fail to find the proper words to communicate that honesty with respect.
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