The Fatherhood Chronicles LVIII

A Sofie Glossary

For those who will be coming to our house in the coming months, I present here a list of Sofie-ese. Each entry in the Sofie glossary is spelled phonetically. [Note and Update: On playing with my daughter last evening (1/19), it became clear to me that the phonetic spellings of some of the terms below were wrong; these have been corrected. Also, the glossary has been augmented with additions I forgot about. I’ll continue to make additions as needed. Check back often.]

ay(ng)-oo: “thank you;” though she used to say this a lot, it’s much more rare, and almost always only when prompted
baba: “papa;” me (Clifton)
baybee: “any human being younger than two;” also her “doll”
bi: “bite”; sounds a lot like “bye” but is short and not as drawn out as “bye”
bye: “goodbye;” also, when holding an object, “I’m finished with this, please take it”
deehn: “drink” more often “geehn” see below
dow: “put me down”; also, “pick me up”
eye luh luh: “I love you”
eyepay: “airplane”
gangkee: “blankie,” “blanket”
geehn: “drink”
gih: “get”; what one says to a “puppee”
gingkee: “binkie,” “pacifier”
guh: see “kuh” below
heh: “head;” usually only in combination with motions to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
kakaw: “cracker”
kee: “Kix” sometimes pronounced “kih”
kih: see “kee” above
kuhkee: “cookie”
kuh: me (Clifton), see also “baba”
mama: “mama;” Anna
no: “no”
puppee: any “dog;” also most animals
sheezh: “cheese” (either a slice of cheese or string cheese)
uh: “pick me up”; usually only said when prompted as we correct her when she says “dow” but means “uh”

If you need any translation help, just see Anna or myself. Good luck, and have fun as you learn to speak Sofie.