My Branch of the Healy Family Tree

Last night I worked through the Healy family genealogy I came across yesterday. I was able to work out the direct line of descent from William to me. A call to Grandma Healy got some of the details surrounding Clifton Dwight and Clifton Arthur worked out. (I’ve left out the information related to my dad and myself.)

It’s just amazing, this finding one’s historical anchors. And as I looked through the genealogy, there’s some very interesting stories interspersed, which I’ll be sharing.

William Healy (b. c. 1613/d. Dec. 1683) married (14 Oct 1653) to Grace Butterice (3rd wife). They had only child, son Nathaniel.

Nathaniel Healy (b. c. 1658, christened 6 Feb 1657/1658, d. 2 June 1734) married (14 July 1681) to Rebecca Hagar (b. 29 Oct 1661/d. 6 Jan. 1733/1734). They had eleven children: Rebecca, Abigail, Nathaniel, Mary, Samuel, Ebenezer, Martha, Lydia, John, Joshua, and Rannah. (Joshua was tenth of eleven children)

Joshua Healy (b. 20 Jan 1700/1701/d. 25 Sept 1772) married (22 June 1722) to Sarah Davis. They had nine children: Sarah, Rebecca, Joshua, Joseph, Mary, Nathaniel, Samuel, and Ebenezer. (Nathaniel was seventh of nine children)

Nathaniel Healy (b. 3 Sept 1736/d. 5 Oct 1817) married (9 Sept 1756) to Abigail Cartur, and (11 Feb 1788) to Abigail Pepper. Nathaniel and Abigail had seven children: Rebeckah, Reuben, Nathaniel, Stephen, William, Sarah, Ezra, and Joshua. (William was fourth of seven children)

William Healy (b. 9 Aug 1764/d. 1 Oct 1850) married (10 June 1788) to Prudence Lyon (b. 1766/d. 9 July 1843 of consumption). They had ten children: William, Daniel Lyon, Hannah, Sally, Clarissa, Prudence, Priscilla, Abiel, Priscilla, Maria. (Daniel was second of ten children)

Daniel Lyon Healy (b. 26 Dec 1792, christened 5 Oct 1800, d. 14 May 1850) married (2 Feb 1817) to Triphena Kidder (b. 3 Oct 1791/d. 7 July 1861). They had seven children: William Kidder, Daniel Dwight, Chester Franklin, Abiel Lyon, Edwin, Henry, and Hezekiah. (Abiel Lyon was fourth of seven children)

Abiel Lyon Healy (b. 22 July 1822/d. 25 Feb 1894) married (2 Oct 1842) to Mary Adams (b. 26 Oct 1816/d. 25 May 1894). They had ten children: Sarah Tryphena, Mary Ellen, Clifton Dwight, Angeline Elizabeth, Austin Adams, William Lyon, Harriet Francis, Hezekiah Abiel, Clary May, and Ida Lelia. (Clifton Dwight was third of ten children)

Clifton Dwight Healy (b. 21 Jan 1848) married (10 Mar 1870) to Elizabeth Brooks Satterwait (b. 22 Jan 1849/d. 15 Mar 1885), and (11 Nov 1887) to Mary M. Van Valkenburg (b. 24 Sept 1855, divorced Mar 1901) and (24 Feb 1903) to Mary E. Gallup. Clifton and Elizabeth had seven children: William, Addie Ruth, Almie Elizabeth, Sydney Grace, Lucretia Mott, Frank Cyrus, and Clifton Arthur (Elizabeth died shortly after giving birth to Clifton Arthur). Clifton and Mary M. Van Valkenburg had three children: Roy Gardner, Vernie Eva, and Oris Dwight. (Clifton Arthur was the youngest of seven children.)

Clifton Arthur Healy (b. 9 Mar 1885) married (14 Feb 1910) to Cora Buell. They had six children: Beulah Dimple (b. 18 Feb 1911), Cora Olive (b. 12 June 1912, who died as a baby), Clifton Fitzroy, Carrie Evelyn, Carol Dale, and Bonnie Bess.

Clifton Fitzroy Healy (b. 9 Aug 1913/d. 10 Feb 1991) married ([Date/Month??] 1941 [year correct]) to Mabel Rosetta “Christine” Christie (b. 27 June 1920); Christine later remarried ([date??] Aug 1995[??]) to Wilbur Yelton ([birth/death??]). They had three children: Lavaun [middle name??], Clifton Howard, and Roger Fiztroy.

Clifton Howard Healy is my dad.