St. John’s Prayers Continue for My Household

I became aware, almost a year ago, that St. John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, had through his intercessions established a watchcare over me and my family, particularly with regard to our finances. Through his prayers, God has provided me with the necessary jobs and income to honorably provide for my family, as well as graced us in difficult times (as when we totaled our car) with blessings far beyond what we deserve. (You can read about some of these things, here.)

St. John’s intercessions continue to be efficacious for us. I just got word that I will be teaching an ethics course at Loyola in the fall. I will also be teaching a logic course at Oakton. Although it’s incredibly tight for us, I can sustain our family on this sort of income.

I’m still praying for a summer course. Anna’s current part-time job will end then, and I’m not sure what our financial situation will be like without me having additional income outside of my full-time work at the library.

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