The Fatherhood Chronicles LXVI

Baby Healy Number 2 Update

Well, Anna saw the midwife last Friday. Things are looking great so far. We’ve got about five weeks to go and the baby is already in position. Head down low, back toward Anna’s right. It’s kinda freaky to be able to feel around Anna’s tummy and recognize, “Oh, that’s his back. And there’s his shoulders. And there’s his head.”

Now, I’ve used the English generic “his” here. My readers should not assume that we know the sex of the baby. We don’t. I may have my husbandly man’s intuition. And there may be some proverbial indications (the way the wind blows my wife’s hair at the quarter-moon on a Tuesday, for instance). But we’ll have it confirmed for us when the baby’s born. It’s just I’m lazy and don’t want to keep typing “his/her” and I just have an aversion to “its.”

The thing though is, we only have five weeks to go. I’ve been thinking, “Five weeks, heck that’s plenty of time.” But truth to tell, with the baby in position like he is (remember: generic “he”), the birth could happen any day. In fact, last week Anna was really feeling some pressure, though that has since subsided somewhat. But if the baby comes early, I’d really like it if he (generic) could wait till I’ve finished my last Loyola paper and turned in the first draft of my thesis. Let’s say: after 1 June. Hey, the baby’s not due till 28 June, so I don’t think that’s asking too much.

Still and all . . . wow. I’m about to be a father all over again. Wow.

Please pray for us–Anna, Sofie and me–and the baby. For health and safety of Anna and the baby. For me as a father and husband. This is the way God is saving me. May he make me worthy of these great and precious gifts.


4 thoughts on “The Fatherhood Chronicles LXVI

  1. Christ is Risen!

    Mid-wife? Is this to be a home birth or birth center birth? Sara and i are having our second home birth and are rather excited.

    Sara is also having some pressure and i had a similar reality check…we have a big list of things we/i need to get done around the house before this sweet girl can come…however, knowing that she will mind no list of tasks i have to accomplish, i’m definitely feeling my own sort of pressure.

  2. Indeed He is risen!

    No, not a home birth. I’m too much a chicken/conventional medicine sort of guy. Believe me, this mid-wife thing is a step of faith for me! 😉

    Honey do list, indeed! The nesting instinct has hit hard. I think my list went from one to seven pages overnight! Talk about pressure.

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