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My Best Father’s Day Ever

Well, of course, there’s been only two of them, but, hey: quality over quantity! Was there a day of absolute quiet and ample time for reading and quiet contemplation? No. Was there a significant chunk allotted so that I could finish my thesis? No. Any special dinners out or cards with money in them? No. Any power tools? Regrettably, no.

No, you see, my wife is just over a week away from her due date, so let’s just say her attention is not (nor should it be) on making my Father’s Day some sort of extravaganza. Furthermore, we are in the summer of poverty, wherein my classes to teach have dried up, and with them the extra income that makes life not just bearable but doable from an economic standpoint. Yep. Summer always brings out the financial ingenuity and haggling we’ve come to depend on in the Healy household.

So, no, this was no Father’s Day Live Aid phenonemon.

But it was pretty cool for all that. You see, Anna took out some new books she had set aside and we took them to Borders for an exchange. When she does that it’s usually so we can get Sofie some neat books, educational items, or book-character-related toys. But this Father’s Day, all the exchange money was mine. And we had plenty. Anna got a frozen drink thingy and we got a book for Sofie. And I, oh, my dear readers, I was most wonderfully pleased. I picked up my favorite form of caffeinated-bean elixir: cafe au lait. My sure and certain eye picked out the Loeb edition of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics and the Topica. Oh, and yes, I would have retired to our humble abode a most happy young man, with but these two things, coffee and Aristotle. But, no, greater things awaited, for the piece de resistance was an eleven-dollar copy of a This is Spinal Tap DVD sweetly singing my name from the bargain bin. An impulse buy? But of course!

All this, yes, and we had a few bucks left over.

And though the nesting instinct is hard upon my beloved wife at the moment, I only had one honey-do list item to accomplish–vacuuming the interior of the 4Runner–which we did as a family. Well, there was also the getting the double-stroller in the car . . . as well as the infant car seat. Oh, and loading and unloading the dishwasher–but Anna and I did that together. Yes, and I had to take out the trash. Oh, and there was a load of laundry to hike down and back up our three flights of stairs. But really, no other honey-do items.

Yes, that, my readers and friends, is a most wonderful Father’s Day.


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The Christian Heresy of Islam

Citing William Dalrymple’s, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East, Fr. Joseph notes that Islam is a Christian heresy.

From the hours of prayer and prayer posture to architecture, contends Dalrymple, Islam is an imitation of Christianity.

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