The Fatherhood Chronicles LXX

Just What I Needed

Our mornings together are much, much shorter, now that Sofie is going to bed later in the evening and getting up after 6:30 in the mornings. Morning time is, of necessity, quality time instead of quantity time. This morning Sofie didn’t get up till 6:45. I leave the house about 7:15, which didn’t leave much daddy-daughter time. So we got up, I fixed her some breakfast and we ate breakfast together. (Her cute insistence that momma “Sih” with us at the table couldn’t overcome very-pregnant-ready-to-deliver Anna’s desire/need for more snoozing.)

After fixing my own lunch, and getting my gear ready to leave for work, and after she’d finished her cereal, Sofie wanted to go watch a “feevie” (video + movie), which we let her do in the mornings as I’m leaving. The twenty-three minute Baby Einstein “feevies” give Anna a few more minutes of blanket-time. I was holding Sofie in my arms as I put the DVD in the player and turned the TV on. But as I made ready to set her down on the couch, she gave me a big hug and said:

“I lubby.”

The first time she has said that to me. *Sniff* (Damn. Still gets me.)

I’m still working off that high.