The Fatherhood Chronicles LXXXV

What a morning. I woke–wide-eyed, mind-racing awake, mind you–at three a.m. My normal start is five a.m., but I needed to get up at four today to do some school work. So after laying awake for a bit, I realized it wasn’t going to do me any good to try to roll over and sleep for only another forty-five minutes, so I shrugged (mentally) and got up anyway. Yep, I’m suffering for it now. Just like I did on the over-hot bus this morning–I almost missed my stop from dozing!

But what a glorious, wonderful morning. It used to be great having daddy-daughter times in the mornings with Sofie. But on days like today, I get the double-dose. Glory.

It started with Delaina waking up about four. She was wide-awake, but wanted to be held. So I held her, said morning prayers, and she fell asleep in my arms. I wasn’t as attentive in my prayers as I try to be, but I think this once God understood and accepted my “inattention” as another form of prayer. So, I took Delaina back to bed, and then did some more work.

Then Sofie got up. She is a “get up and cuddle till I wake up” sort of girl, which I have to confess, Daddy enjoys. So she shuffled out of her bedroom about a quarter of six, hair scattered like Thing 2 (she calls the Dr. Seuss stuffed toy “Monkey”) which she held in one hand. She was all toasty warm from bed and in her fleece jammies. She lay her head on my shoulder with a “Lubby Daddy” and I melted, as I always do.

Yep. Who needs coffee when you’ve got daughters!

2 thoughts on “The Fatherhood Chronicles LXXXV

  1. Often when we do our prayers in the evening, Kirsten (almost 9 months old now) raises up her arms in rapt attention at the icons. Then she’ll look at me with mirth dancing in her eyes, point to the icon of the Theotokos, and say “Momma!” and then clap her hands.

    Needless to say, I find it hard to pay attention to the prayers too!

  2. I have been absolutely amazed at the faith my daughters express. It takes me by surprise, even now.

    I was reading the biography of Fr. Seraphim and Sofie came up to me, leaned toward the cover of the book and said, “Kwoss” (i.e., “icon”), and kissed Fr. Seraphim’s picture and the icon he was holding.

    Blows me away.

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