Give a Listen

[Updated: Part 3 added]

Hosts Steven Robinson and Bill Gould do a great job of discussing the issue of new (Protestant) converts to Orthodoxy over at Our Life in Christ.

The programs are a response to Sam Torode’s August 2005 article, It’s All About Jesus: A convert to Orthodoxy reconsiders evangelicalism.

Part 1 (mp3 file)
Part 2 (mp3 file)
Part 3 (mp3 file)

Listen and be edified.

7 thoughts on “Give a Listen

  1. I appreciate the links,I listened to the two you posted. I enjoyed the discussion between Steven and Bill they communicate well together. Sir I am curious though, You write elegently,rather easy to understand. I enjoy how well you present complex subjects so I can understand them. Your writing reflects an intelligent mind.So my question here is why orthodoxy? I mean is thier something that made orthodoxy compelling over other denominations? I earlier posted a question about the apostles and whether they expected to literally see the return of christ before thier deaths? I attend a discussion with a number of other christians( no orthodoxy represented but a kindly number of protestants and catholics) usually focused on some aspect of the new testament.I am sure you are very busy, however if you did find some moments to respond to either question, I would count myself the wiser for it.
    best regards

  2. Glen:

    As to why Orthodoxy, I have written a series of posts entitled, unoriginally enough, Why Orthodoxy (start reading from the bottom up). But the short answer is, I have found no other group that the Apostolic Faith without addition or subtraction, and holistically lives that faith in all aspects of its existence. In other words, I am moving to Orthodoxy because I am attracted by the beautiful good I know and see evident there.

    Conversely, I have negative reasons for not going to other churches, specifically Rome. As my own spiritual autobiography notes, I did spend some time investigating the Roman Catholic Church, but could not then, and still cannot, get past items of doctrine that were not believed from the time of the Apostles (infallibility inhering in a single see; purgatory; the immaculate conception; etc.). I also have not found the life of the Roman Catholic Church in America to be conducive to justifying her claims to being Christ’s Body since dissent to the Apostolic Faith appears to me to be the norm.

    I have also been an Episcopalian. I need say no more.

    Since these three (Rome, Orthodoxy and Anglicanism) are the only bodies that have retained (in the case of Anglicanism, the external appearance) apostolic succession, no other Christian bodies hold (or ever held) any appeal to me.

  3. Glen:

    Sorry, I almost forgot.

    I have formed no strong personal opinion on the interpretation of New Testament eschatology, and reading the intentions of the texts/authors and figures of the New Testament Church. It seems likely to me that initially there was an expectation of an imminent return, but that that expectation was seen to be incorrect, and was later clarified by a much less imminent expectation.

    But as I said, I have no strong interest in a particular personal interpretation.

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