Gotta say, I am ecstatic at the Pittsburg Steelers 21-10 win over the Seattle Seahawks! I’ve been a Steelers fan since the first of their second back-to-back Super Bowl wins of the 70s. I was both thrilled and crushed at their appearance and loss ten years ago. But last night . . . . Wow. I’m a happy guy. They “got one for the thumb” for the Rooney family. And there were so many elements that make this story supersweet: Cowher’s longevity as Steelers coach (longest tenure of current coaches), Jerome Bettis’ final game in his hometown, Roethlisberger’s win as the youngest winning QB in Super Bowl history, the three on-the-road playoff wins (never done before), and tying the record (with the Cowboys and Forty-niners) for most Super Bowl wins for a team (at five). I could go on. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Of course, it wasn’t the prettiest win, but winning ugly is still winning. Admittedly some controversial calls–like, say, the Roethlisberger TD. Big Ben’s two thrown interceptions weren’t very helpful at all. And it’s also true that Seattle started well, but then ended up being their own worst enemy as they fell apart in the last quarter.

But in the end, ya gotta give it up for Coach Cowher. He deserves what he’s got right here:

Of course, the ads were not bad this year. The Healy’s and their guests thought the “Hide the Bud Light” ad was pretty funny. But unofficial consensus gave the nod to two Budweiser commercials: the classic Clydesdale football game . . . with a newly-shorn sheep running onto the field and shaking its money-maker. Sez the famer: Streaker. And: That I didn’t need to see. Dang funny. And the cute factor went to the Cyldesdale colt getting into the harness of the wagon and pullling it out the barn . . . cutaway to two adult Clydesdales pushing the wagon from behind. Sez the farmer to the Dalmatian: I won’t tell if you won’t.

Much gratitude goes to the tolerance of our guests toward my Steelers-exuberence–since I was pretty close to as crazy as this guy:


  1. Bah! Humbug! The Seahawks can accept responsibility for simply blowing several big chances, but you have to admit that the officiating in this game was awful, and that was no touchdown by Roethlisberger. How much money did Pittsburg pass under the table to the officials?

  2. Yeah.

    I really liked the chili. I cannot comment on the supposed victory of the Steelers. St. Eelers clearly performed a miracle for his favorite group of Christian femmes.


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