Fr Seraphim Articles

I have the extreme good fortune to have access to libraries that, among them, carry every issue of The Orthodox Word published to date–either bound or on microfilm.

Recently I was able to make a copy for myself of the following articles:
“The Chinese Mind” (1996:187/188, pp. 103-116)
“An Answer to Ivan Karamazov” (1985:120 [21:1], pp. 31-33)
“Christian Realism and Wordly Idealism” (1986:128 [22:3], pp. 118-159)

Although of that last, the first 14 pages is the introduction by (now) Hieromonk Damascence, and the final part (part IV) is the letter to Thomas Merton, which I have in two of Fr Seraphim’s biographies, so I didn’t print that part of the article.

I also recently found his masters thesis on emptiness and fullness in Lao Tzu (see also here, or download the pdf file directly here), which I haven’t read as yet.

Through the Prayers of Hieromartyr, Theodore, Archbishop of Volokolamsk

Our priest has been invoking for me and my family the intercessions of Hieromartyr Theodore, Archbishop Of Volokolamsk, a martyr under the Communist yoke in Soviet Russia. It is certain his prayers for us are being answered.

Some excerpts from an account of his life linked above:

Archbishop Theodore, in the world Alexander Vasilyevich Pozdeyevsky,was born on March 21, 1876, in the village of Makaryevskoye, Vetyluzhsky uyezd, Kostroma province (according to another source, Nizhegorod province) in the family of the priest Basil Pozdeyevsky. The church in which Protopriest Basil served has remained to this day – the church of St. Macarius of Unzhensk.Fr. Basil died in the 1930s. He was buried near the church. There still exists a house that was built with funds provided by Vladyka Theodore when he was rector of the Moscow Theological Academy. Vladyka Theodore had seven sisters and one brother.

Once, shortly after Alexander’s birth, there was an all-night vigil in the church in Makaryevskoye. When the clergy came out for the polyelei the local “fool”, whom the villagers considered to be blessed, entered the church and during the magnification cried out: You’re praying here, but there a Vladyka has been born.” And he prophesied that the Vladyka would be a pillar of Orthodoxy. And so it turned out. . . .
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The Great Martyr, St. Catherine of Alexandria

This blog, in its first configuration over at blogspot, began on 25 November 2002, which just happens to be the feast day of the Great Martyr, Catherine of Alexandria. Catherine also happens to be the patron of philosophers–and as my readers know, I am working on a PhD in ancient philosophy and ethics. Coincidental? Perhaps.

In any case, this is from Fr. James Thornton’s life of St Catherine the Greatmartyr:

During the time of the Emperor Maxentius at the beginning of the fourth century, there lived in Alexandria a young woman of royal blood. She was not only a lady of stunning beauty and considerable wealth, but she had also been blest to be the recipient of a first-rate education, the best education that money could buy in that age. She was thoroughly tutored in all of the philosophy, history, science, and poetry of the ancients Homer, Virgil, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Thucydides, Hippocrates, Galen, and so forthand she excelled at logic, rhetoric, and languages. All who knew her were astonished at her brilliance.
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