Catholic and Orthodox Schism?

In a lengthy excerpt, Are Catholics and Orthodox in schism?, the Pontificator quotes Fr. Louis Bouyer on the question:

Today, the first remedy to this situation, now that sufficient historical awareness of these errors (which are above all, moral faults) has been assumed or is in process of being assumed on both sides, is escape from religious nationalism and the unilateralism it crystallized. Finally, it would be necessary to deny the obvious negation of “catholicity,” or “sobornost” (to use a term the modern Orthodox have developed, often fortuitously). Beginning with this rediscovery and re-establishment of full unity would become possible on both sides, or rather in common.

Recuperation of doctrinal harmony in the apostolic ministry, between its function of pastoral authority and its liturgical function, would come about in common renewal of its magisterium. However, renewal of the two inseparable units of the Church, finally coming together, could happen only in symphony with a common rebirth of living witness to the truth of love by the entire (now fraternal) life of all Christians, Orthodox and Catholic. Then, the unity of the Church, Catholic and Orthodox—which we believe has never ceased, though many clouds have obscured it—would reappear. Reappearing, she would immediately flourish and fructify in the special manifestation of charity and holiness that the modern world expects from the Church of Christ, which she will never bring it so long as this basic reunion is not effected.

Good ol’ Pontie is also posting responses to Fr. Louis and the question on Roman and Orthodox schism.

The first is Tighe on Bouyer, where Byzantine (Ukrainian) Catholic and historian Dr. William J. Tighe responds to Fr. Louis and answers the question.

Next is Freeman on Bouyer, where Orthodox priest Fr. Stephen Freeman also responds and addresses the issue.

And finally is Likoudis on Bouyer, where James Likoudis gives the third response to the issue.

Each post has thoughtful comments and responses to this whole subject.

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