Good Places on the Internet to Begin to Explore Orthodoxy

I was recently asked to give some resources for learning more about Orthodoxy from the internet. The following is a brief list.

Start with Orthodoxy in America which in addition to answering basic questions, also lists parishes near (relatively speaking) you.

Orthodox Christian Information Center is also a good site, but generally, it seems to me, takes a stronger position on some matters than do the global Orthodox Churches generally.

Our Life in Christ is an hour-long talk format web program that is absolutely excellent in exploring basic Orthodox belief and life. Check out the archives (and subscribe to the podcast).

For a taste of Orthodox hymnography, visit our parish’s Ancient Faith Radio which offers webstreaming music, teaching and interviews.

For Orthodox liturgical texts, go here and trace the several links. For the primary worship service, and for a good basic understanding of Orthodox belief and life, look at the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chyrsostom.

For Orthodox theology, go here.

Of course, the absolute best place to start is regularly worshipping at the Orthodox parish nearest you and talking with its priest.

One thought on “Good Places on the Internet to Begin to Explore Orthodoxy

  1. I would also add the OCA website. Regardless of whatever financial mess the OCA has gotten itself into, it’s website is quite nice. The feasts and saints section is extensive, with lots of lives of saints and icons of the saints.

    Fr. Thomas Hopko’s “Rainbow Series” of basic books on the faith is also online, as are a series of Q & A. At one time, there was an “ask a question” function. Not sure if it’s still available.

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