The Pontificator’s Laws

[Note: The Laws have been expanded. I’ve provided the updates below.]

Former Anglican priest, now Roman Catholic, and always (small-c) catholic, Al Kimel has helpfully listed the Pontificator’s Laws. They are as follows:

  • Pontificator’s First Law (old version)
    When Orthodoxy and Catholicism agree on something over against Protestantism, Protestantism loses.
  • Pontificator’s First Law (new version)
    When Orthodoxy and Catholicism agree, Protestantism loses.
  • Pontificator’s Second Law
    When the Bible alone is our authority, the Bible ceases to be our authority.
  • Pontificator’s Third Law
    Itís one thing to read Scripture and the Fathers; itís quite another thing to read Scripture through the Fathers.
  • Pontificator’s Fourth Law
    A church that does not understand itself as the Church, outside of which there is no salvation, is not the Church but a denomination or sect.
  • Pontificator’s Fifth Law
    When it comes to doctrine, earlier is better, except when itís not.
  • Pontificator’s Sixth Law
    When the Church Fathers and the Rabbis of the Talmud agree on a commandment of God, odds are God spoke it.
  • Pontificator’s Seventh Law
    Justification by faith is not a theory of salvation; it is the verbal and sacramental enactment of salvation.
  • Pontificator’s Eighth Law
    Any christology, soteriology, or ecclesiology that undermines the Churchís evangelistic mission to the heathen and their baptismal conversion to Jesus Christ is wrong.
  • Pontificator’s Ninth Law
    If a Catholic cannot name at least one article of faith that he believes principally on the basis of the authoritative teaching of the Magisterium, heís either a saint or a Protestant.
  • Pontificator’s Tenth Law
    All dogmas of the Church Catholic are infallible, but some are more infallible than others.

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