Buh-bye Soccer Moms, Hello Mommybloggers

You know the drill by now: elite feminists bewail the failure of their sisters to stay the course of childlessness, husbandlessness and dedication to breaking the glass ceiling. Even worse, these sisters haven’t failed to stay the course–they’ve chosen another altogether. They’ve–gulp–abandoned career for husband and children.

Such elite feminist criticism of their sisters has been met by an apparently rising tide of new feminist: the mommybloggers.

I’ll let SpunkyHomeSchool take it from here in a post called The Wrath of Stay-at-Home Moms:

So let me see if I have this right. It’s okay for Ms. Hirshman to preach the gospel of Betty Friedan. But let a bunch of uncomplicated, unfulfilled, stay-at-home moms blog the Truth of Jesus Christ and share tips on housekeeping; and she gets her legal briefs all twisted and labels us “aggresively domestic?” Oh, please!

Or could it be that the “queen bee” of the working woman has been dethroned by a growing number of little bees busy in the blogosphere and she doesn’t like it? Today, the voices of stay at home moms can be heard by anyone willing to click over and read what we’re saying. And for the first time in a generation, women are hearing another side to the story and she feels threatened by their buzz? . . .

As elite educated women, we’ve betrayed the cause. We’ve stopped reading and believing the baseless, self-absorbed feminist philosophy. Instead we’ve gone back to the Truth and are making the choice to stay home and have a baby. (Maybe even more than one!) And making matters even worse, we’re daring enough to tell others the good news too. You may call that “aggressively domestic.” I prefer to call it, “fundamentally feminine”. And while we’re busy raising our children, we’re raising a few hard questions of our own. After all, if we don’t, who will?


My money’s on Ms. (or Mrs.) Spunky.

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