The Fatherhood Chronicles CIII

Life Returning to Normal?

Hanging on our wall immediately next to the computer desk in our old apartment was the 2006 Family Organizer®, put out by More Time Moms®TM Publishing, Inc. It was filled with a plethora of activities and important appointments, from playgroup meetings to pediatrician visits, paydays, Anna’s girls-only nights with her friends (sans babies and toddlers), and an occasional important event for the lone representative of the male species in our home. A glance at one of the days on the monthly calendar (roughly 18″ x 14″) could foster a detailed narrative of events, not the least of which would be the combined logistics of scheduling, transportation and menu preparations of an even half-dozen homes at a time.

The unpacking of a home, although it is portentous of the encroaching horizon of normalcy, is itself a trial of the spirit in excruciatingly abnormal times. Boxes shifted here, contents dug through, then hurriedly “repacked,” and said boxes shoved there. Boxes taken to storage, only to be fetched again from storage–or rummaged through in storage–to find misplaced items (the television remote) incorrectly cataloged (packed with the phones and telephony equipment instead of with the videos). Or worse to not find items sought . . . or worse yet, to find items thought to have been jettisoned two moves previous only to resurrect their irritating and hideous existence in a new location.

Moves are not infrequently coupled with new jobs, and there are new schedules to which to adjust. Some of these are welcome–a near-elimination of the commute time, say. Some are not–the arcane, idiosyncratic and wholly irrational “rules” of garbage pickup.

But often it is not long before mornings begin starting at the same time each day, as bedtimes start ending the day at near the same times. Coffee gets ground and brewed as before. Dirty clothes again begin to miss the hamper by inches, or hang tantalizingly and mockingly over the edge. Paper cups are replaced by favorite “Caffeinated Christianity” mugs, and metalware replaces plasticware.

However, in a household of young’un’s and a mom with a spine of steel and a heart of rose petals, the true sign of the return to normalcy is clear and immistakable. I saw it myself this evening as I sat down to the computer. It was the 2006 Family Organizer®, put out by More Time Moms®TM Publishing, Inc. once again ensconced in its calm yet authoritative place adjacent the computer desk.

On its once pristine white pages for July are scratched already just a notch more than half a dozen meetings, playgroups and activities. Normalcy is returning to the Healy home.

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