The Fatherhood Chronicles CIV

Sofie Fears the Dinosaur

Sofie had a tough time going to bed last evening. I heard, over the space of a few minutes as I sat in our office and typed on the laptop, some sniffles coming from the front room where the girls have their beds and toys. It was Sofie who had gotten out of bed.

She was crying because she was afraid of the dinosaur. The dinosaur, she said, was biting her arm. Anna said, with mock seriousness, “Daddy, you need to take care of a dinosaur in Sofie’s bedroom.”

I bent down to Sofie and asked her if she wanted to go with me into the room while I said a prayer to take care of the dinosaur. She said yes. So I picked her up and entered the darkened room, standing at the center. I prayed the prayer that Christian fathers pray over their household: “Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house and drive far from it all the wiles of the enemy. May thy holy angels dwell herein who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing be always upon us. Amen.” I signed the largest cross I could over the room, and gave Sofie a kiss. “There, sweetheart. Jesus has driven the dinosaur away.”

She still wasn’t completely satisfied, so I gave her the blessing cross. “Here you go, honey. The cross always protects us from dinosaurs,” I told her.

That helped a bit more, but Sofie remained unsatisfied. So finally, I fetched the holy water and prayed again for the Lord to exorcize the enemy, fill our home with his heavenly hosts, and always to bless us. I’m sure Delaina, sleeping oblivious to it all in her crib, caught some of the splash of the santified water as I was fairly liberal in my application of it to our premises.

It took a bit more to finally get Sofie off to bed, but she fell asleep at last with the cross in her hand.

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