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It’s late at night, and once again I find myself in a reflective mode. Life here has begun to fall into the shape of new routines, some good, some already not so good. But while it’s not that good a thing that I’m shorting myself of sleep–especially this week–the penchant for reflection during the quiet moments of darkness of night and early morning takes hold of me now more often.

I’m mindful again of the intercessions of our family’s patron saint, St. John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco (or St John the Wonderworker as I prefer to call him). I’ve collected accounts of his intercessions for my family on my St. John the Wonderworker blog category page. There you will find other goods such as links to services, icons of the saint, his biography, and so on.

It occurred to me in reading the post below how many have been the answers to St. John’s prayers for us. In fact, to be sure, I can think of nothing for which we’ve asked his prayers that God has not seen fit to answer in some affirmative way.

As I’ve remarked before, this isn’t due to some magic or what have you. It’s a matter of God’s love. His love for the saint, his love for us.

St. John’s protection of orphans is the quintessential picture of God’s fatherhood, and revelatory, too, of what it means for God to love us.

I read again of the uncovering of the saint’s incorrupt relics and was deeply moved.

Our God is a man-befriending God. What love he shows us in that he cares for us through the love and prayers of others, not the least of whom are his glorified ones.

One thought on “My St. John the Wonderworker Blog Category Page

  1. An Orthodox co-worker and I (as well as the rest of our office) will be in S.F. next week for a work-related conference, and we hope to go to a Vespers service at the ROCOR church in which his relics repose/reside. We understand they have Vespers every evening at 6:00 p.m.

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