Holy Hieromartyr Eutyches, Disciple of the Apostle St John

From today’s reading from the Prolog

Eutyches was one of the lesser apostles and was born in Sebastopol. He was a disciple and imitator of the Apostle John the Theologian and the Apostle Paul. Even though he is not numbered among the seventy apostles, nevertheless, he is called an apostle because he was a disciple of the great apostles and because in his evangelical service he displayed true apostolic zeal. Consecrated a missionary bishop, St. Eutyches traveled much, having an angel as his companion. In prison, he received heavenly bread from an angel. When his body was scraped with a serrated iron rod, blood flowed from him with unusual fragrant myrrh. He was thrown into a fire and before wild beasts and finally beheaded with a sword in Sebastopol.

Troparion of St Eutyches Tone 4
O disciple of the holy Apostles, thou wast a teacher of godliness/ and didst openly proclaim the incarnation of the Word./ Thou didst suffer as a martyr and confirm the word of Faith by thy miracles./ O Hieromartyr and Father Eutyches/ pray to Christ our God for our souls.

Kontakion of St Eutyches Tone 3
Thou wast a successor of the Apostles and an example to bishops/ O Eutyches who didst die as a martyr./ Thou didst shine like the sun and illuminate all,/ dispelling the darkness of godlessness./ Wherefore we venerate thee as Christ’s divine servant.

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