And After I Post This, I’ll Pray the “Our Father” and Go Beat My Wife and Daughters

I’ve been home sick all weekend. And crap like the following just makes me crankier.

The Church of England continues to make itself a laughingtock:

MISGUIDED and distorted versions of Christian belief have contributed to domestic abuse in Britain, says the Church of England. And the Church itself has not done enough to protect victims.

The report, which has been backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, says that domestic abuse is as “prevalent among Christians” as among other groups and identifies problem areas in Christian tradition.

It warns clergy that the bride’s traditional marriage vow to “obey” her husband could be used to justify domestic violence as could referring to God as “He” and “Lord”.

Bad theology, such as using the Virgin Mary “to reinforce norms of female passivity and obedience”, has even been used to convince victims to forgive their abusers and not take action against them. . . .

One serious example, the report notes, is how the theology of self-denial and redemptive suffering in the Crucifixion of Jesus has “undermined people’s recognition of the evils being done to them and implanted masochistic attitudes of acceptance, or even celebration, of their afflictions”.

One would like to know of the statistical, objective measurements the committee used to establish such a direct correlation between use of the masculine pronoun to refer to God and wife-beating.

Oh, sorry. That would be expecting too much. We already know traditional theology is bad for you. What do we need with objective measurements?

[H/T: to some unforgotten blog or probably the Webelves.]