More Blogging the Weekend

Well, I must say . . . today was a red letter day, mailwise. We got a card from the Governor and First Lady of Illinois, welcoming our little Delaina into the world. ‘Course Delaina is now sixteen months old, but what’s a dozen or so months between friends, eh?

Anna called. Her visit is going well. She fell in love with an icon. One of a guardian angel, but very unique–in which the child is actually a depiction of the soul of the child, and suitable for either boy or girl. It wasn’t for sale, but one of the nuns said she could ask Mother Gabriela’s blessing to sell it. The asking price, however, was way out of our league. I broke my wife’s heart in telling her no, I know. But she said she had picked out another very simple icon.

Anna called whilst taking a break from raking leaves and pine needles. She said it was rather comical to her to see nuns in habits fixing a flat on the tractor, and then hopping up on said tractor to collect the piles of leaves and needles. I must say, myself, it is a sight I’ve never witnessed, though I’ve seen some funny things on my late Grandpa’s farm, to be sure.

I gather the monastery is making an impression on Anna. It will be interesting to talk to her further about her experiences. Though she did say she spent most of the morning quite nauseous and missed the services.

The girls and I made it through another morning, had a good lunch (veggie “chik” patties, grapes and yogurt), they both had solid naps (two hours for Delaina and an hour and a half for Sofie). And I am sitting on our couch while they play with their “My Pretty Ponies,” classical music from WFMT 98.7 FM working softly around the room, and me blogging this weekend.

Heck, I’ve even done a bit of laundry. Michael Keaton, eat yer heart out!

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