Not in Books, Nor in the Head, But in the Heart

Over at PBS’ Frontline site, are interviews with various religious figures on faith. I want to particularly highlight the interview with Fr Roman Braga (link opens in Real Player, which is available for free here). Father Roman is the spiritual father of Holy Dormition Orthodox Monastery where my wife visited a couple of weekends ago.

I’m very glad that St. Gregory Palamas’ feast day introduces us to the Nativity Fast (which, for those Orthodox on the new calendar, begins today). For the Saint has much to say to me this Nativity–and indeed, relative to much of my recent experience. Not the mystical heights of the sublime in the Jesus Prayer, to be sure, since I barely know how to do any thing of that sort. But rather that real knowledge of God can be had through experience of God, that is to say, the participation in his gracious energies.

What Father Roman has to say in the five-minute clip above is my theme for “Little Lent” this year.

Pray for me a sinner.

(Note: If I get internet access restored at home this evening, I’ll blog my first installment of the O Antiphons for this Nativity.)

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