Mr. Mom Weekend III: The First Update

So far, so good.

The poor girls had to get up about a half-hour to an hour earlier then they normally do to get Momma to the airport. And then, with going from one babysitter’s to back home for a second babysitter, they ended up not getting a nap. So it was a relatively short evening of supper, picking up from play time, and then going to bed. They both conked out before 20:00.

Poor Sofie woke up a bit past midnight wanting a drink. I was sleeping so hard, the dear li’l one had to wake me up three times. But I got her the drink, and was too sleepy to try to force her back to her own bed. Daddy plus one heat-generating daughter.

Then Delaina woke up about 02:00. I think she had been having a bad dream or something because she didn’t seem fully awake when I picked her up and it took her a long time to calm down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get her calmed down in the normal way–rocking in the rocking chair–she wanted to climb into bed. But then she was confused, because Sofie was not Mommy and Mommy wasn’t there. But it only took a few more minutes for Delaina to settle in to sleep. Daddy plus two heat-generating daughters.

What is it about little kids that they radiate so much dadgum heat? I mean our thermostat is a cranky child, so having a little more heat is not a bad thing, but this was near-sweat inducing. And we’ve got the flannel sheets broke out, no less. Whew.

But they both slept in more than an hour past their normal wake times. So I got morning prayers said and did some brief reading. But then it was a fully wakened Healy household, oatmeal, raisins and brown sugar for breakfast (coffee fer daddy!), and some play time.

About mid-way through the morning, daddy bundled up the girls and trekked to two bookstores. The first was the college bookstore to pick up a copy of St Gregory Palamas’ Dialogue between an Orthodox and a Barlaamite Which Invalidates in Detail the Barlaamite Error. Then it was off to Borders for the girls to play and explore in the children’s book section.

Lunch followed, with some solid naps. Now they’re awake again and–as a special treat for behaving so well this morning and eating all their lunch–watching Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

Michael Keaton has nothing on me.

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