The Fatherhood Chronicles CVIII

The Boorish Vomits Visit the Healy Domicile

Ugh. First Delaina. After the first dozen, we lost count of how many times Delaina had to throw up. But almost twenty-four hours to the minute, Delaina was hale, if not hearty, again. Her first desire was to drink tons of liquid. Poor thing couldn’t keep down even small sips of water. And she was so hungry. We’d give her a bit of a popsicle, only to have that come back up within half an hour. Delaina’s poor little tummy was visibly diminished.

But she kicked it, and aside from still being pretty sleepy is just about back to her fighting self. And her tummy–we call it her “Buddha belly”–has almost returned.

Momma felt a touch of it Friday, and spent much of the afternoon and evening on the futon in the office. But she seems to have escaped the ravages of the flu for now.

Sofie, however, drew the lot for next in line. She was pretty lethargic this morning, which didn’t, but should have, triggered a caution in me. Then when I invited her and Delaina to head out to the kitchen to eat breakfast, Sofie said she couldn’t eat breakfast because it would make her throw up. But she said it in her matter-of-fact, explanatory tone that she takes with Delaina, so I thought she was just saying stuff. I no sooner got Delaina in her booster seat, bowl of cereal in front of her and prayers said when I heard Sofie getting rid of the contents of her stomach (which was pretty much nothing).

So, Anna stayed home from Liturgy with Sofie, who got to watch her Backyardigan video, while Delaina and I went to pray for them.

The way these things usually go, I’m the last to get it. I hope I escape it this time. Yuck. That’s one thing I really, really, really hate to do.