The Fatherhood Chronicles CXI

“It’s My Favorite Song!”

So Sofie said to me this morning.  But of course, one should keep in mind that at present, anything Sofie desires or happens to like and is presently speaking about is her faaayyvrutt.

But some of her favorite things do, indeed, happen to be her favorite things.  For example, she generally wants the blue bowl and blue spoon to eat her breakfast with.  She really does consistently select Rags as her stuffed dog to play with.  And there tends to be one “Angelina Ballerina” video (of three we have) that she chooses to watch when given the choice.

And ever since Pascha, I’ve caught Sofie singing “Christ is risen from the dead, tramping down by death by death, and ‘pon the tombs, stowie light.”  She really belts it out in Church.  So does Delaina, as they both hold their prayer books and try to imitate the adults.  So, this morning, as Sofie was cuddling with me on the futon–when she first gets up, she cuddles till she wakes up–she started singing “Christ is risen from the dead,” and I joined in with her.  She said, “Again,” and so we both sang it again.

“It’s my favorite song,” she declared.

All through breakfast she continued to sing it off and on.  And Delaina joined in–by repeating “from dead” over and over.

Happy Paschatide.

2 thoughts on “The Fatherhood Chronicles CXI

  1. Last year, shortly after Pascha my parents, my son and I went to the local zoo. My son (then 8) sang Christ is Risen! over and over and over while trapsing through the zoo, stomping ferverently with every “Trampling down” he sang. My little evangalist. LOL Aren’t kids the greatest?

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