Show me your Bible

The Triablogue’ers have been engaging, of late, in some critical Ortho-bashing.  One of their recent examples is their: Show me your Bible. In it they apparently attempt to demonstrate that the Orthodox biblical canon is a mass of chaos and as a result seem to be attempting to show that Orthodox really have no Bible, since they do not have a standardized critical set of texts of canonical Scriptures.

I say apparently, because the post is just simply three large cites without any commentary from the Triablogue’ers–and the ensuing comments to the post are about something else altogether. But if what appears to be the Triablogue’ers “argument” is indeed their “argument,” then it is sophomoric in the extreme. Indeed it is nothing more than a non sequitor.

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“. . . in order that through these things [the precious and great promises given to us] we might become koinonoi of the divine nature.” (2 Peter 1:4)

This past Sunday was the Sunday of the Blind Man, and marked the fifth liturgical anniversary of my conscious, intentional and settled turn toward the Orthodox Church. If nothing intervenes, and as God has mercy, I now stand quite literally days away from incorporation into Christ’s Body, the Church. And I will experience the full sacramental life of the Church, the life Christ himself both is and gives to sustain and perfect his people.

My anticipation has fueled some thoughts.

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