Into the Fold

Today, Anna and I were chrismated into the one, holy, catholic, apostolic and orthodox Church. Thanks be to God! The girls’ baptisms will wait for another day.

More details to come.

Pray for us, the newly illumined Benedict Seraphim and Genevieve.

Healy Saints

Clifton: Benedict of Nursia (and here) [14 March] and Father Seraphim Rose [2 September]

Anna: Genevieve of Paris (stub @ OrthodoxWiki) and Genevieve of Paris and Icon of St Genevieve and St. Genevieve of Paris and Troparion and Kontakion to St. Genevieve in French and Moleben to St Genevieve in French [3 January]

Sofie: St. Nina the Enlightener of Georgia and Nino of Cappadocia (stub @ OrthodoxWiki) and An icon of St. Nina, and another icon of St. Nina [14 January]

Delaina: Brigid, Abbess of Whitby and Saint Brigid, Abbess of Kildare and Icon of St. Brigid of Ireland, Abbess, Wonderworker, Foundress of Kildare [1 February]

Our household saint: John, the Wonderworker, of Shanghai and San Francisco [2 July]

Fear and Trembling

Grant me, who am despairing, to be a communicant now of Thy heavenly, dread, and holy Mysteries, O Christ, and of Thy Divine and Mystical Supper, O God my Saviour.

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.

I flee for refuge under Thy compassion, O Good One, and I cry to Thee with fear: Abide in me, O Saviour, and I in Thee, as Thou didst say; for lo, trusting in Thy mercy, I eat Thy Body and drink Thy Blood.

Most holy Mother of God, save us.

I tremble as I receive the Fire, lest I should be burned as wax and as grass.  O dread mystery!  O divine compassion!  How is it that I who am but clay partake of the divine Body and Blood and am made incorruptible?

–from Ode Eight of the Canon of Preparation for Holy Communion (A Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians [Boston: Holy Transfiguration Monastery 1995])