Serendipitous Coincidence: St Augustine of Canterbury and Our Chrismations

It happens that St. Augustine of Canterbury’s feast day was spread over this entire Pentecost weekend.  On Saturday, Anglicans and Orthodox celebrated his feast.  On Sunday, Rome celebrated.  And yesterday (according to my St. James calendar hanging on my wall at work) his feast was celebrated on Traditional Western calendars (not sure who that includes).

Why is this worthy of remark?  Well, when I journal I like to note the saint(s) whose feast(s) is(are) celebrated that day.  On Saturday, the day before our chrismations, I spent some time journalling.  And as I was looking in the calendar, and saw it was St. Augustine of Canterbury, it struck me: he is sort of the founding saint of the English Church, sent by Rome to organize the mission to the people of today’s British Isles.

It was, to me, a sign that St. Augustine was “sending me on” as it were to the Orthodox Church of which he is part.  Almost as though, he were saying, “Yes, you stopped for a bit at Anglicanism’s doorstep, and there were benefits to that.  But you are headed right where you need to go: into the fulness.”

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