Mr. Mom Weekend IV: Post III–Of Airplanes and Thunderstorms

I had meant to share more about my just-concluded Mr. Mom Weekend IV over the past four days, but the days were very, very busy.  Church and naps and groceries on Sunday; work and dishes and babysitters on Monday; canceled flights and pending hotel charges and much phone calls on Tuesday; personal leave and more airline hassles and more phone calls and late night flights yesterday–all of it just left Mr. Mom with little energy to put together much in the way of Mr. Mom Weekend thoughts. 

(Oh, sure, you’re saying.  You can blog on Anglicans, dialectics and such, but not on your Mr. Mom Weekend.  Well, I say, you play to your strengths.  The life of the mind is easier to write about than real life.  How’s that for reinforcing an academic stereotype?)

In any case, sit back and enjoy the gory details on trying to get Anna home.

So, there were thunderstorms in Dallas and Chicago on Tuesday.  Two major American Airline hubs.  Multiple flights canceled.  About 200 passengers stranded. Since the Dallas flights were canceled first, those passengers got first dibs on rebooking.  Unfortunately, the flights being rebooked were the ones going to Dallas by way of Chicago.  Which bumped the stranded Chicago passengers down the list for later Chicago flights.

Thankfully, Anna has friends in the area, and she was able to hook up with her friend Amy for a place to stay.  A cab ride later, she was at Amy’s.  And as it turned out, Amy had a staff picnic yesterday, so Anna could hang out with her for the day, prior to going to the airport.

So, it’s back to the airport.  Oh.  Guess what?  More thunderstorms in Chicago.  Flight delays creep and creep and creep.  Airline staff are being coy about whether the flight is going to be canceled, but since it is not being officially canceled, Anna can’t rebook.  We explore hotel and alternative carrier options by phone.  Anna stands in various lines for hours.  Then the word comes about 9:30 or 10:00 last night: the flight will go off after all, passengers prepare for boarding.


But they wait on the tarmac for half an hour.  They finally get off the ground and hit Chicago about 1:00 this morning.  Thankfully one of our fellow parishioners and babysitters, Janice, was able to come and stay with the girls while I went to get Anna.  About an hour and fifteen minutes after I leave, I’ve got a weary and tired Anna back home.  The girls wake up when she gives them goodnight kisses as they sleep.  So then the girls pile into bed to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.  But the girls are too excited about having Mommy home, and so don’t go immediately back to sleep.  After about an hour of squirming and some tussling, at 3:00 a.m. Daddy moves to the couch where he can get some sleep.  Three and a half hours later he’s up and getting ready for work.


But at last Anna’s home.  The girls and I sure missed her.  I’m glad to temporarily suspend my Mr. Mom assignment–if only because it means the real Mom is home.

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