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The blogger at Cathedra Unitatis, writes in a recent post:

I do not pretend, nor have I ever pretended, that this blog is neutral. It is an exploration of the theological and historical claims of the Papacy. I currently lean strongly towards the veracity of these claims (as anyone who reads this blog can obviously tell), but I always give equal time to commenters who disagree and are willing to express their viewpoint intelligently and respectfully.

His comment stems from the fact that, in part, Perry Robinson is pointing out that among the collection articles he is engaging which seem to support his own view, there is an article which opposes it.

I have commented before on my views of an Eastern Orthodox Christian blogging openly and publicly his journey toward what would appear to be apostasy from the Orthodox Church. So I won’t cover old ground.

But I will point out something illustrative from this recent example.



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