An Interview with Hieromonk Damascene about Father Seraphim Rose

Let me, ahead of 2 September’s 25th anniversary of Father Seraphim’s blessed repose, commend to your attention, the following interview of Hieromonk Damascene, Father Seraphim’s biographer, about Father Seraphim:

Father Seraphim Rose: Spiritual Father (mp3 link)



Well, at long lost, I have begun (completed first five chapters of) the final installment of the Harry Potter series.  I must say, the first 80-odd pages have not disappointed.  I found myself waxing quite maudlin at Dumbledore’s death in book 6 again.  And then I got mad as yet another character got killed off (he of the whirlygig eyeball) in book 7.  It’s taking me much much longer than I’d anticipated to get here, but I’ve been blessedly free of any potential spoiler information, and, given the rate at which I’m kept page-turning at the moment, I may very well finish the final book by mid-week.

I happened to pick up Granger’s Looking for God in Harry Potter, 2e, which takes the series up through the sixth book.  But I declined to read it till after I’ve completed book 7.

I also recently aquired, from Holy Apostles Convent, The Life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, and The Lives of the Pillars of Orthodoxy.  I’ve only started part-way into each.  More reactions later.

I’m heavy into re-evaluating this blog.  I’ll probably settle on a final decision by 1 September.