Anna to the “Momma-stery” and Incipit Mr. Mom Weekend

Just like last year,  Anna went with several women of the parish to the monastery in Rives Junction, Michigan.  The girls and I took Anna to the church building.  We said the Trisagion prayers and Father prayed a travel blessing over them all.  (We also spoke briefly to Father Pat about the girls’ baptisms, but more on that anon.)  Then we loaded Anna’s stuff to the car she was traveling in, and goodbyes were said.  Sofie did not take it well.  Threw one big screaming fit.

But afterwards we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.  The girls like it because they have little kid size grocery carts.  I like it because the prices are cheap, and yet you can get great organic stuff.  I also splurged on a couple of bottles of Chimay (one each of Grand Reserve and Premiere).

Then it was home, veggie corn dogs for the girls for lunch, and they are both napping away.  I called in to work to check on one small blaze, which is slightly under control.   I know, I know.  I need help.

Just like last year, Sofie still calls it the “mommastery.”  But I did not, this year as last year, get to quote one of my favorite Shakespearean lines (from Hamletact 3, scene 1–no less!) to my wife as she was leaving:

“Get thee to a nunnery!”

But I wanted to.

Your prayers, please, for a truly spiritual and enlivening weekend for all the women pilgrims, but especially my own.

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