The Fatherhood Chronicles CXIV

Sofie’s First Christmas Pageant

Sofie, as my blogreaders know, began this school term to attend the Preschool at the Guardian Angel Center for Child Development (a ministry of St John the Baptist Orthodox Church). It is a great gift and blessing to us that she has been able so to do (and with the added benefit, her ancient philosophy professor father notes, of learning Greek).

Well, her first Christmas pageant was this week. We had memorized her lines (“The cave is heaven / The Virgin is the throne / The small manger is the place where Christ was born’)–she had them down cold. But . . .

Poor Sofie had a case of stagefright. This strikes me as so odd, because she is a fling-herself-headfirst kind of girl, who is always seemingly fearless. But there it is. We think she might have done better, but apparently one of her classmates in front of her started crying before they mounted the stage. And that was all it took for Sofie to set her will against going onstage and simultaneously to weep tiny tears. Poor thing. Anna went up and finally coaxed her at the final song to go up and sing with her classmates (Anna discreetly stood off stage left, unseen by us, but known by Sofie). Delaina and I were justly proud and waved like a crazy, insane parent and sibling. We were shameless.

It was a wonderful occasion and I bless God several times a week that Sofie has an Orthodox school to go to. God grant the school, the teachers, the administrators and the parish priests many years!

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