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Cyclical Reading of the Psalms

I have drawn together some reading (or, rather, praying) cycles for the Psalter from resources out there, a thirty-day cycle and a seven-day cycle. The thirty-day cycle is from the Anglican use (although it might have other origins as well). The seven-day cycle is the basic schema found in The Psalter of the Seventy, an arrangement which is altered/intensified during Great Lent and Holy Week. It goes without saying that the seven-day cycle is for monastics rather than us non-monastics. But there might be some benefit for us non-monastics in attempting theĀ  seven-day cycle during one of the weeks of Lent. (Always check with your spiritual father about these sorts of things.)

The numbering of the Psalms in these schemae is according to the canonical text of the Church (i.e., the Septuagint).


7- and 30-day Cycles of the Psalter (pdf file)


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