The Fatherhood Chronicles CXVI

Be Still, My Beeping Heart

Sofie supplied some neat quotes yesterday morning that still give me chuckles.

She, Delaina and I were in the common room, Delaina and I on the couch, Sofie standing in front of us. We were getting them dressed in their play clothes for the day. As she was getting dressed, Sofie put her hand on her chest, and looked at me and said, “Daddy, feel this.” So I placed my hand on her chest. “See?” she said. “My heart is beeping.” Delaina chimed in with her own, “My heart is beeping, too.”

A little later we were playing around with the word “curious,” and the girls piped in with “Curious George,” to which I replied, “Curious Daddy.” Sofie admonished: “You’re not curious, you’re too old.”

Too old to be curious? Be still my beeping heart.

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